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What is Bucky Badge?

Open source point-to-point digital currency—— The favorite of Bucky Badger fans all over the world

The most familiar portrayal of Bucky Badger, wearing a "W" sweater and strutting forward with a fierce expression, was drawn by California-based commercial artist Art Evans in 1940, and first sold from Brown's Book Store in Madison.A popular version of Bucky sporting boxing gloves was first drawn by hometown Madison artist Thomas Spiece.An actual badger from Eau Claire was used at the first few football games that year, but proved to be too fierce to be controlled properly and was retired to the nearby Henry Vilas Zoo. 

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01 Select wallet

For those who want to use, trade and hold the Bucky Badger, the wallet is a must. Choose a wallet to hold the Bucky Badger.

02 Configure wallet

After downloading the wallet, you can configure it properly. Remember that mnemonics must not be used for Internet records.

03 Get Bucky Badger

Query the contract address of the Bucky Badger in the wallet, and add the Bucky Badger.

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In 1948, a UW-Madison art student, Carolyn (Connie) Conrard was asked to create a papier-mâché Bucky head-piece. A UW-Madison Gymnast and cheerleader, Bill Sagal, wore the outfit at the homecoming game and a contest was started to properly name the mascot. The winning entry was Buckingham U. Badger. Bucky has been maintained over the years, even surviving a threat by the assistant attorney general, Howard Koop, who suggested that Bucky be replaced by Henrietta Holstein, a loveable cow.
In 2006, Bucky was inducted as a charter member of the Mascot Hall of Fame's College Division, joining YoUDee from Delaware, Sparty from the Michigan State University, and Aubie from Auburn.

Bucky Badger service charge burning and destruction 3%

No, Bucky Badger is useful, and it's always useful! A simple fact is that money is useful, and Bucky Badger is money! Moreover, Bucky Badger is a rare cryptocurrency created for the purpose of becoming a currency. Bucky Badger was originally an accidental artistic creation. After many years, it has become a symbol of faith and good luck, and will maintain this tradition in the future. Since its birth, Bucky Badger has been regarded as a special image to encourage people to do something meaningful: sponsor sports competitions, and serve as a school badge. As a belief, Bucky Badger has always maintained its original purpose. Compared with other currencies in the same period, the transaction rate on the Bucky Badger blockchain is low and the transaction speed is faster.

A wallet is just a collection of private keys and public keys. Each one of the wallet’s private keys is a randomised 256-bit number unique to your wallet, and it is what you need to be able to access and spend your coins. Your public address 

90% add liquidity 10% transfer black hole

Memes are awesome, and they’re easy to make! There’s lots of meme maker websites, and even meme applications that you can install on your smartphone to makes memes on the run. You may even go one step further and createBucky Badger-themed meme templates which have a possibility of

Bucky Badger is an open source project, which means that anyone who knows and does the same in technology can contribute to the development of Bucky Badger. Even if you are a novice, it is never too late to learn new skills! Bucky Badger has an amazing team of developers and volunteers who are committed to welcoming new people to join and helping them learn and develop their skills. This community is also very inspiring. We can often see old members helping new members. Just pick up your shovel and you can become the developer of Bucky Badger! The open source community advocates meritocracy: the more you do, the more respected you will be, and the more you will become what you expect

Top priority: Bucky Badger is currency. Like other popular cryptocurrencies, Bucky Badger operates through blockchain technology. However, unlike most other cryptocurrencies, Bucky Badger has a very low transaction cost and a very fast transaction confirmation speed. First of all, if you want to send or receive money from someone anywhere in the world, but you don't want to use a centralized bank to pay for foreign currency exchange and transfer fees, Bucky Badger is your good choice! In addition, Bucky Badger can also be used to purchase goods and services!

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